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heart embezzlifobia by decaf-death

"This group is base on CaramelCraze's Doll series! If your a fan of the series then feel free to join!~"

.Hateful Wonderland Stamp. by AlexandraTale .Lysol Stamp. by CaramelCraze

"An eerie, surrealistic world consisting of sentient, anthropomorphic dolls living in the early 1920s. Once a world full of color and hope, a series of misfortunes occurs causing it to become dull, and colorless. One day however, one doll in particular discovers a new reality. One which is the same as his own, but not at the same time. It was colorful and rambunctious, but dangerous and deadly at the same time. It is called: "Hateful Wonderland"

Hateful Wonderland .Hateful Wonderland. by CaramelCrazeEDIT 1/21/17: I spent 7 whole hours on this ok ay
EDIT 2/14/17: please pLEASE I cannot stress eno ugh- DO NOT heavily reference/copy any of my characters please or refer to this as "FNaF"- it's getting really annoying
This is the full version and information about my original universe
DO NOT plagiarize any of my original content or characters. I've spent over a year piecing this together perfectly and it's grown to be a big and important part of my life. It makes me feel kind of bad and manipulated when I see cheap rip offs of my style and character designs..
If you're going to be "inspired" look up the word and use it right please. 
the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
a thing made to be similar or i



Hateful Wonderland Amino…

Springpai's Youtube, dA & Tumblr… / Deteriorating-Rabbit /…

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> No Harassing, Bullying Other Memebers/Admins

> No tumorly behavior

> No Stolen/Edit/Recolor Artwork/Stories, We Will Ban You, Block & Report

> Respect All Members & Admins

> No Porn Or Hate Art/Journals

> No Submitting In Feature Folder

> Don't Compare Hateful Wonderland To FNAF

~Thank You For Reading~ :heart:




spoopy_guy.gif by decaf-death

Far away and very long ago, was a dull and peculiar world. Now this world you could say, held a doll bunny and fox. Some say they could never be separated. They did everything together, always at each other's side. Until one day, something changed. A new discovery was born. One that would change the lives of this doll bunny and fox, forever.



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